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Here at Life Deck Coating Installations, we believe everyone should have a comfortable and safe pool deck without having to financially strain to do so. Our team provides the best pool deck resurfacing services in Irvine, California! We offer:

  • Strong Warranty
  • Experienced Technicians
  • Affordable Prices
  • High-grade materials

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What We Have To Offer

Our services provide incredible benefits and designs that will transform your pool deck. You don’t have to rip out your entire pool deck and replace it with a new one when our team can transform it by resurfacing it!
Concrete Pool Deck

Stamped Pool Deck

When you choose to resurface your pool deck our professionals can transform your surface from a standard concrete pool deck to a concrete deck that mimics stone, wood, or tile! Whatever design or material you want, we can provide, by reusing your current concrete deck! You will have a completely new surface without having to replace the old one!
Stained Concrete Pool Deck

Stained Pool Deck

If you have a saltwater pool or your deck has previously been damaged by constant exposure to pool chemicals, we have a deck for you! Stained concrete pool decks do not chip, peel, or lift because the colors we apply become directly a part of your concrete surface. With different color tones, our designs are made to compliment the exterior landscape of your home.
Stamped Concrete Pool Deck

Pool Deck Pavers

Resurfacing allows the pool deck owner to save money and improve their own pool deck experience. Pavers are a popular way that our clients have improved their pool decks because they offer notable safety features. Pavers are known to be highly slip-resistant and quickly repaired or replaced. Homeowners who have children in the home or elderly family and/or friends can benefit from pavers due to this detail.

Pool Deck Sealing

Sometimes our clients like their previous pool deck design and simply need a resurfacing job because the pool deck is wearing down! That is completely okay! Our team can resurface your existing concrete to rejuvenate the surface and restore its youthful years, texture the surface, and redo the design you already had. We will seal the concrete surface, so water, weather, and sun exposure do not damage the concrete and keep your desired design.

Pool Deck Resurfacing

There are different designs, textures, and patterns that we can add or create for your pool deck without ripping out the entire surface. Our team will completely alter your pool deck to whatever your mind and heart desire! Don’t wait, call now to learn more.
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Pool Deck Resurfacing Irvine, California
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Benefits of Pool Deck Resurfacing

Why should you resurface?

  • Resurfacing improves your pool decks appearance and texture
  • There are designs for every budget
  • Our textures are slip and heat resistant
  • This is the eco-friendliest option
  • You can have a high-end design for low-end pricing
  • Creates a much smoother surface to walk on
  • Increases property value over 15%
  • It is quicker than completely ripping out the surface
  • The design opportunities are endless with our technicians
Concrete Pool Deck Resurfacing
Pool Deck Resurfacing
Irvine, California
Our pool deck resurfacing professionals are waiting by the phones to help you with your designs, wants, and needs. Don’t wait to get started with a new pool deck! Check out our home page to learn more.
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As you have seen above, you have the world of design at your fingertips when you choose to resurface your concrete pool deck. But did you know that there are ways that all of our coatings can be customized in the same ways? We know that everyone has different tastes and different ways to express themselves, that’s why we will never limit what you can do in YOUR backyard. You can do anything you want including:

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Concrete Pool Deck Repair
We work with you! Pool deck resurfacing is an eco-friendly way to upgrade, enhance, and completely alter your backyard landscape. With our ideas and your designs, we can create a surface that is smooth enough to avoid tripping, resistant enough to where heat does not burn delicate feet or damage the concrete surface, and where slippage, when the surface is wet, does not occur. Our team wants to make your pool deck ideas become a reality, so we don’t just tell you what is best for you we work with your wants and needs, unlike many other concrete companies. We are here with you and for you, call now to learn more.