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Epoxy Flooring Contractors in Irvine CA

Providing the best epoxy flooring services throughout The greater Orange County community, including:

Epoxy Floor Coating

About Epoxy Floor Coatings

Safe, Beautiful, & Lasts a Lifetime. Save on

Homeowners today still wonder whether epoxy flooring companies prove ideal for their interior living spaces, or if it’s a fad. However, as residential epoxy flooring shows no signs of slowing, it deserves every consideration you would offer to carpet fabrics.
Before, one would only see epoxy floor coating companies that offer solutions to area small businesses and local industrial facilities. Today, however, you can find homes that utilize an epoxy garage floor coating or even complete indoor resin flooring systems. And while you can find imitation products and Do It Yourself kits sold in stores, you won’t see similar results. When you need epoxy garage floor installers or interior flooring contractors, you need us for longer-lasting results at lower costs.
Best of all, your new flooring system stops releasing VOCs after it cures, making it safe for pets and children. When you need a straightforward, affordable, and professional approach to interior floors, choose us for your best installation services.

Irvine CA Epoxy Flooring Services

A lifetime of gorgeous new floors awaits.

Whether you’re searching for epoxy, concrete floor installations, and more professional services, you can still rely on us for results. As your local team of Orange County, CA, flooring contractors, Coatings Hub always achieves better surfaces at lower costs every day.
Epoxy Flooring
Epoxy Flooring
Safe, hypoallergenic, and ideal for any interior living spaces, it’s tough to beat the benefits of an epoxy flooring installation. However, without hiring a qualified contractor team for your next project, you could have an expensive mistake ready to happen.
True resin flooring systems don’t rely on quick and easy products that apply as little more than a painted coating. Your superior epoxy flooring installation project, on the other hand, will last for years without peeling, cracking, or premature failures.
Garage Floor Epoxy
Garage Floor Epoxy
While you can find a variety of similar kits sold in stores, there’s no substitute for professional garage floor epoxy. When installed the right way, you can enjoy hands-free enhancements to your storage areas and carports that lasts for
years. Your upgraded surfaces will remain protected against corrosive chemicals, direct impacts, and daily vehicle parking with little to
no maintenance. Enjoy a better place to complete projects and add lots of value to a traditionally dingy space in your home.
Mettalic Epoxy
Metallic Epoxy Flooring
Metallic epoxy floor coating services have continued gaining more popularity by the day once people see the dazzling finished results. You can have breathtaking floors that create a unique three-dimensional pattern like cosmic swirls, liquid
metals, and mimicked stone surfaces. And while it may look like a hassle to keep these floors looking their best, dry dust mopping proves sufficient. Enjoy easier cleanups and simplified maintenance and upkeep when you hire us for your customized metallic epoxy flooring systems today.
Concrete Polishing
Concrete Polishing
Who knew that sanding down your existing concrete slab could produce such elegant, yet durable, interior flooring systems to enjoy? You also have a surprising number of design options to apply as well, including colors, patterns, textures, and more solutions.
Depending on the level of sheen you prefer, we can also leave your new surfaces bright and shiny or matte. And with permanent dyes, stains, and our experienced installation team, we can bring to life any designs you must see.
Commercial Epoxy Flooring
Commercial Epoxy Flooring
An epoxy floor coating is quickly and easily installed when the work is done by a professional. We know that your business cannot shut down for too long because of the financial backlash that it may cause, and we don’t want that. Luckily, our epoxy floor installers will not take up more than 72 hours of your time and sometimes, even less. It is important to properly install an epoxy floor coating, but we will not take up more of your precious time than is absolutely necessary.
Concrete Sealing
Concrete Sealing
Over time, the searing daily sun, driving rain, and even nearby earthquakes can leave your cement surfaces cracked and worn. And while you may want to throw your hands up, we can assist you in stopping the damage from progressing.
Concrete sealing roughs the topmost surface so that the binding agent takes, leaving your areas stronger and ready for
use. Before you settle for an expensive new driveway or garage floor, you can count on us to save you more.
Rustic Wood Flooring
Concrete Coatings
While the typical cement surface will last for years, it may need some help to get the most from them. With professional concrete coating services, we can leave your cracked and separating systems stronger for prolonged use before replacing
them. Concrete coating proves ideal for worn-out garage floors, cement driveways, basement surfaces, and anywhere else you
find damaged cement spaces. If we determine that your systems remain an ideal candidate, we can keep them at their best without new installations.
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Irvine CA Epoxy Flooring

Why choose epoxy coatings?

Today’s homeowners, business owners, and facilities managers have access to more flooring materials than ever before, so why utilize epoxy? While other systems may offer a different set of characteristics and benefits, few can compare to your new resin surfaces.When you have epoxy floors installed by our experienced contractors, it means improved daily defense against stains and direct impacts. If your carpets always stay filthy and tile and grout yellows too quickly, resin surfaces prove resilient yearafter year.
And if you’re worried about kitchens that seem as plastic as your daughter’s dollhouse, we offer a variety of options. Once completed, your new floors can mimic other surfaces, and they will continue to outperform any other alternative materials, too. From your car’s garage to your kitchen, laundry rooms, and even bedrooms, we can install your new epoxy systems anywhere. When you need to give your home the practical upgrade it deserves, we offer the contractor services you need.
Durable Flooring Solutions
That Last For Decades
We offer unlimited ways to customize your commercial and industrial epoxy floors with your choice of colors, patterns, and effects.
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Benefits of Using Irvine CA Epoxy Contractors

Is Epoxy Right for Your Home?

Not only will new epoxy flooring systems look gorgeous, but they offer a ton of daily benefits to enjoy, also. Whether you never find time to clean, or you’re looking for something unique, resin systems can solve any needs with:
Epoxy Contractors
  • Seamless Surfaces
  • Daily Durability
  • Higher Performance for Less
  • Beautiful Designs
  • Superior Defensive Properties
  • Improved Versatility
  • And more lasting benefits.
When you have epoxy flooring installed, it means no seams, transition strips, or other construction blemishes from staying visible. And because they can take a beating from foot traffic, corrosive materials, hot liquids, and more, they prove ideal anywhere.
These floors look right at home in any living spaces or commercial facilities, from bedrooms to bars, and any interiors.You will see these surfaces installed in schools, gymnasiums, corporate headquarters, and more, for their affordability and lasting protective properties.
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You have many choices for new flooring contractors, so why hire us for your epoxy systems and polished concrete surfaces? As your trusted name in local installation services, we have the skills you need at pricing anyone can afford. We remain a fully certified team of epoxy flooring contractors that always get results. For your best selection of longer-lasting floors, choose us at Coatings Hub today.
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