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Benefits of Garage Epoxy Flooring

There are different types of epoxy floors that offer you and your garage exactly what you need. When you speak with our professional epoxy installers, they can help you decide what is the most important aspect you need from your garage concrete floor. So, what are the benefits you gain from our epoxy flooring solutions?
Garage Floor Epoxy

Robust and Durable

Our garage epoxy floors are exceptionally resilient because we only use the best materials on the market! Our team takes great care in the installation before and after the epoxy has been installed. Once completed, your once delicate naked concrete will be able to withstand damages from heavy equipment, machinery, your vehicles, and heavy use. Your garage will certainly be resistant to chemicals, stains, salts, cracks, and abrasions. Whatever you’re using your garage for, you need our epoxy floors.
Garage Floor Coating

Moisture & Stain Resistant

A naked concrete surface is naturally very delicate and will absorb materials regardless of if the spillage is water or harmful chemicals. An epoxy coating will ensure that your concretes pores are fully closed, and absorption does not happen. Grease and oils can be easily wiped away without hard scrubbing or intense cleaners and your floors will be resistant to mold and mildew growth due to the floor’s inability to retain any moisture. Your garage will be a clean and open space ready to be utilized once we’re done with it!
Garage Epoxy Coating

Resurfacing Qualities

For garages that have been damaged and bruised, our epoxy floors offer incredible repair advantages that do not require your wallet to hurt! You don’t have to completely tear out your concrete if your garage floor is stained or cracked because our professionals can repair the surface with our epoxy materials. Because epoxy materials are self-leveling, the coatings deliver an even finish to your surface and can cover up marks and damages that were once visible on your surface.

Beautiful Aesthetics

The limit does not exist when it comes to the different types of combinations of designs! We want you to tell us what colors and designs speak to you so we can turn them into a reality! Personalize your space with our professionals and make it a unique space that is just your own.

Quick and Easy

We will not invade your space longer than is 100% necessary! Epoxy flooring, when it is being installed by an experienced professional, does not take long! You will be able to use your garage space in no time once the coating has fully penetrated your concretes pores. Your daily routine will return to normal quickly and because we are meticulous about the details you will be 100% satisfied when we are done!
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Our Process

Installation is fast and professional!

It is important that the person installing your garage epoxy floor knows the small details matter. Details like humidity, temperature, and the type of exposure your garage will face. These details have a huge impact on when and what type of epoxy is installed in your garage. Each case is different but in general, our professionals will start by simply inspecting your garage floor and making note of any cracks, holes, or stains. Once the inspection has occurred and we have discussed what type of epoxy/design you’re looking for our professionals will repair small inconveniences that would damage the epoxy coating. Once the floors have been fully repaired, we will move onto cleaning the floor and ensuring that the concrete does not have any excess moisture. Once this is completed the epoxy coating will be installed!
Each garage setting is different, and our installation process may vary among garage owners because we aim to treat every client on an individual basis!
Garage Floor Epoxy Contractors
Garage Epoxy Flooring
Your garage floor doesn’t have to be grey and boring! Your garage doesn’t have to smell like a garage and it certainly doesn’t have to look like one either! Our epoxy materials will transform your garage concrete floor into a space that you want to show off for low and affordable pricing!
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Flake Epoxy Floor

Garage Epoxy Flooring

This is an option that is great for garages that are regularly used because the flakes hide any imperfections that were visible before the installation! Our flake epoxy floors are great for garages because they have fantastic grip qualities reducing the chances of slippage or related accidents. Flake epoxy can also create almost a marble resemblance in your garage floor with different colored flakes. These surfaces are great for chemical and oil resistance, but they’re highly noted for being long-lasting! If you utilize your garage, ask our professionals about a flake epoxy floor!

Metallic Epoxy Flooring

Just for you!

Our metallic epoxy floors can never be duplicated! The way our artist manipulates the pigmentation in a metallic epoxy material cannot be duplicated because each surface will always dry differently. This means that your metallic epoxy garage floor will forever and always be a unique piece of work. Our technicians can provide 3D images that implement a wide variety of colors, shapes, and designs, or we can provide a color scheme that is much more subdued. Whatever you want we can provide!
Metallic epoxy floors are highly resistant to staining, scratching, impact, chipping, and peeling. Our materials are long-lasting and difficult to damage. Call us now to learn more about our unique designs!