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Benefits of Concrete Coatings

No matter where your concrete is located, it needs to be sealed and coated! Not only will it protect your concrete surface and elongate its lifespan, but in the grand scheme of things, it will save you a lot of money.

Epoxy Coating

Whether you’re looking for a new garage coating, basement, kitchen, business, or warehouse concrete coating, epoxy is your best choice! Our professional technicians can have an epoxy concrete coating installed quickly and efficiently, meaning, your concrete is immediately resistant to heat damage, scratches, cracking, slippage, mold, and so much more! Epoxy coatings are long-lasting, affordable, and indescribably aesthetically pleasing.

Metallic Epoxy Coating

If you’re looking for a long lasting decorative coating, you’ve found it! Metallic epoxy floors are affordable because they will last for decades to come. These concrete coatings manipulate pigmentation in their resin and hardener mixture which creates beautiful 3D designs that can transform any room, house, or business. Metallic epoxy coatings are beautifully seamless, antibacterial, and incredibly decorative. Customize your space with a newly designed one of a kind metallic epoxy concrete coating.

Stamped Concrete

Concrete is always the better and much more affordable option when it comes to flooring materials! If you’re looking for a wood, tile, or stone surface for an indoor or outdoor space, we can do that with concrete! Our professionals are experts artistically and functionally, meaning, they can design a concrete floor to be stamped and take on the appearance of another materially, and install the surface with expertise. Zero cracks and no constant repairs with your new surface.

Pool Deck Resurfacing

Over time, pool decks begin to breakdown. Pool decks in California are extremely important to many of our residential clients because of our notoriously good weather! You should be able to enjoy your pool deck, so don’t rip it out and waste your money, call us to resurface it. We can make your pool deck resemble new materials like natural stone or rejuvenate it back to its original beauty! Whatever you want, we can do! Our concrete coatings will ensure that your pool deck lasts for years and feels good during that time.

Concrete Polishing

Many businesses and warehouses are opting for polished concrete surfaces because they provide seamless, antimicrobial, slip-resistant, and shiny surfaces that aid the look and feel of their property. Concrete polishing is a much more affordable way to protect your porous concrete surface and have it last for many years after.
Professional Concrete Coating
Irvine, California
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Why Install a Concrete Coating?

Protect your surface

It is a common misconception that concrete is completely indestructible. A concrete surface is a very porous surface that will absorb spills, moisture, and other liquids that can lead to catastrophic results. An uncoated surface can be susceptible to mold and mildew, cracking, and staining. Coating help eliminates any of these issues because the concrete pores are completely sealed and protected.
Concrete coatings are also extremely safe! Our technicians install coatings that render your surface slip and heat resistant. These are great qualities for homes with children and businesses with constant foot traffic. The reasons for concrete coatings are endless and our professionals will ensure that your coating enhances your concrete aesthetics, elongates its lifespan, and keeps you safe!
Metallic Epoxy Floor System
Concrete Coating
Irvine, California
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Metallic Epoxy Floor System
Our team here in Irvine, California knows the importance of your homes or businesses’ looks. We know that your surface needs to look, feel, and be top-notch and lucky for you, that is exactly what we provide. We have over 17-years of experience in the concrete business with no plans on slowing down. There isn’t anything we haven’t seen or been able to handle. We offer you high-grade materials at low-end prices! Call now to get started.

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Our job is not to overtake you but to aid you! Our artists know that the installation of decorative coatings is a process and a journey we commit to take with our clients. A concrete coating installation starts with you! Tell us your vision, give us your ideas, point us in the direction you want for your home or business and we will make that vision a reality. We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction and we are dedicated to making that happen.