Professional Epoxy Flooring

Beautiful, Durable, And Long Lasting

If you’re tired of the boring standard concrete floor, call Life Deck Coating Installations! We service commercial, residential, and industrial properties with the best materials on the market. We offer:
  • A strong warranty
  • Fast installation
  • Affordable prices
  • Professional technicians
  • High-grade materials

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The Different Types of Epoxy Flooring

Our team can install an epoxy floor wherever you need it! Whether it is in a home or a factory, we can provide a flooring solution that lasts for years without any replacements or repairs. Call now!

Industrial Epoxy Flooring

Industrial facilities are being constantly exposed to some of the harshest environments which can take a toll on your floors. Without a strong surface installed for severe conditions, you will be replacing said floor regularly but not with our epoxy flooring! Our floors have unmatched durability that is perfect for any type of facility including food and beverage, chemical plants, or packaging facilities. Whatever and wherever our technicians will do it!
Commercial Epoxy Flooring

Commercial Epoxy Flooring

It can be a tricky situation when you own a commercial property because other people are in your care while they are there. A safe and long-lasting floor that can withstand high foot-traffic is a priority for our team when they install epoxy floors. Epoxy flooring is inherently resistant to fatigue, but it can also slip-resistant, USDA approved, and heat resistant. There truly isn’t a better floor!

Metallic Epoxy Flooring

Concrete doesn’t have to be boring! Our technicians are the best artists in California when it comes to the metallic epoxy floors they design. Our technicians can install floors with 3D illusions that can resemble things like water, rock, or more abstract designs that are 100% uniquely yours. If you want a floor that is not only beautiful but scratch and impact-resistant, you need a metallic epoxy floor! It is great for homes and businesses alike.

Garage Epoxy Flooring

Our clients don’t often realize that we can be very creative with a garage space and it doesn’t have to be the standard grey concrete surface. With a concrete epoxy floor, we can make aesthetically unique with different colors and designs. Our epoxy is made for decades of use and unmatched durability and resistant against vehicle fluids, grease, and oils.

Basement Epoxy Flooring

Our basements can be a commonly forgotten space simply because unless it is used regularly, it is out of mind. But your basement doesn’t have to be a dark and forgotten land, we can transform it into a usable and highly anticipated space! With our epoxy installations, your floors will be waterproof, mold and mildew resistant, and the basement will even feel less stuffy!
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Why Call the Professionals?

Not a DIY project

Epoxy flooring offers incredible benefits when it is installed properly. Without proper training, the proper tools, and the flexibility that comes with practice it is very easy to create a disastrous situation. Epoxy flooring installation requires that the epoxy installer knows the best temperature for that given mixture, and it requires our professionals to know if the concrete that is present is exuding too much moisture. These are small details that can create large and expensive problems if they are not done properly the first time.
Our team will provide you with the best materials, better than any DIY kit on a shelf, and we will equip you with the knowledge on how to properly care for your new long-lasting floors. Don’t wait and waste your money, call us first!
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Epoxy Flooring
If you’re ready to get started, call our professionals right now! If you want to learn more about our services, head over to our home page!
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Epoxy Flooring Benefits

What do they offer?

Epoxy Flooring Contractors
Our professionally installed epoxy floors will offer your home or business:
  • Scratch, impact, stain-resistant surface
  • Decades-long flooring
  • Anti-fatigue surface
  • Easily maintainable floor
  • Mold and mildew-resistant surface
  • 10, 000 PSI in strength
  • Aesthetically unique concrete floor
  • And so much more!

Made for you by you!

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Epoxy Floor Coating Contractors
Our epoxy floors come straight from you! Whatever you want to design for your home or business we can install. We want you to be happy and content with your floors so tell us what you’re imagining for your business or home! With different color options, design materials, and logo opportunities, our team will create a floor that has never been seen before. We will work with you so the sense of pride you feel in your floors is high and wide! Call now to learn more.