Your Guide To Commercial Epoxy

The Industry’s Most Trusted Flooring System

We know how hard you work to keep your facility functioning so we think that you need a flooring system that works just as hard as you do! That is why we offer all of our commercial business-owning neighbors in Irvine our commercial epoxy flooring system with benefits like:
Superior Chemical Resistance
Enhanced Safety Features
Carefree Maintenance
Long Term Solutions

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The Benefits Of Commercial Epoxies

There is a reason why so many commercial facilities only rely on commercial epoxies to get the job done, some facilities even requiring epoxies in some cases. Well, there are multiple reasons why the industry relies exclusively on epoxy and down below, we have outlined a few of the best benefits that you stand to gain by using epoxy.


Commercial epoxies are one of the strongest flooring systems on the market as we only recommend our 100% solid epoxy system to the commercial sector. These epoxies are capable of withstanding upwards of 14,000 PSI along with a wide variety of damage including dropped objects, heavy vehicle/foot traffic and a wide assortment of chemical abrasions.
Metallic Epoxy


Due to its seamless nature, commercial epoxies have gained approval from the USDA for use in even the most sensitive areas like operating theaters, food processing, and hospice care. This is because there is nowhere for food particles or germs to hide away and avoid being cleaned or neutralized even with harsh cleaning regiments.


While most consider the glossy finish of epoxy to be for aesthetics, the glossy finish allows light to reflect off its surface and with lighter colored epoxy, it can make a room up to 150% brighter. We also offer additives like flakes and silica sand to provide a texture to the epoxy, making it easier and safer to walk on when wet.


One of the biggest concerns that any commercial property owner has is the service life of its flooring system. Well, epoxy flooring systems offer one of the longest, high-performance service lives out of most other commercial coating systems. With professional installation and diligent maintenance on your end, commercial epoxy can last anywhere from 15-25 years depending on what it is used for.


When you are handling heavy equipment, heavy loads of freight or foot traffic, you need to make sure your concrete is protected. Our commercial epoxies offer the best protection for your concrete slab, disabling the effects of weathering, help to prevent cracking and strengthen the concrete by up to 10 times its normal strength, making it a worthy investment.
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Maintaining Your Commercial Epoxy

Almost Carefree

When it comes to the maintenance of your epoxy system, you will find that it is more simplistic than even that of bare concrete. In terms of regular maintenance, all you need to do is simply sweep the floor daily to remove debris and dust followed by mopping with a PH-neutral detergent to remove any grit or grime. There will never be any need to wax or polish the flooring, drastically reducing the maintenance costs of the system.
If you own a facility with proper drainage or have a large access point to the exterior of the building, a standard hose can be used to clean the flooring when it has become heavily soiled. For tough spots, a diluted mixture of CLR can be used to remove the stains.
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Customizing Epoxy

For Your Needs

Metallic Epoxy Floor System
While most people tend to assume that epoxy only offers a gray, glossy finish, our team is capable to bring a full list of customization to your facility with our epoxy systems. for example, we offer a full-color spectrum for our clients, setting your facility apart from the rest.
But we also offer custom designs in the form of multi-color or mono-colored flakes to add an interesting appearance and traction. But we also offer our metallic epoxies which can mimic the appearance of clouds, waves, and even lava. Along with decorative options, we offer the ability to place sections, text, arrows and more with decals placed under the epoxy, making the facility safer and more efficient.

The Installation Of Epoxy

Fast & Efficient

Garage Metallic Epoxy Floor
Our team understands that any downtime your facility might face can cost you thousands of dollars, so we will work with you to find the ideal times and areas to work in to keep any slowdowns to a minimum. We can work in sections, use quick cure epoxy or install the entire system at once if your facility can stay down.
Depending on the size of your facility, the condition of the concrete, obstacles in our way and the intricacy of the design desired, we can have a standard epoxy installed anywhere from 2-5 days. With rapid cure epoxy, a facility can be coated in 2-3 days and light foot traffic is allowed after 1 hour.