Professional Industrial Epoxy Flooring

Reliable Flooring

Are you ready for your business to have a floor you can count on? Our technicians are skilled in installed epoxy flooring that will last for years to come while withstanding harsh environments and constant use. We offer our industrial clients:
Long-lasting solutions
Durable flooring
100% customer satisfaction
A strong warranty
Professional installation
And so much more

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Benefits of Industrial Epoxy Flooring

Different types of industrial epoxy flooring solutions benefit different types of areas. Our team offers different epoxy flooring solutions for every industry, call now to learn more.
Metallic Epoxy Floor Missouri

Safety Improvement

As a warehouse, factory, and/or packaging plant, you need to have a surface that creates a safe and workable environment. Our technicians will install an industrial epoxy floor that provides a seamless surface that will reduce slips and trips, it will also be slip-resistant, heat-resistant, and so much more!
Metallic Epoxy

Durable and Reliable

We all know that an area that is constantly exposed to heavy machinery, chemicals, impact, and heavy foot traffic can wear down and fatigue extremely quickly; however, we can counteract that with our professional installations. Our industrial epoxy flooring is high performing and is scratch, crack, and pressure-resistant with a strength of 10,000 PSI!
Metallic Epoxy Missouri

Clean Look & Feel

Looks are important in an industrial property but not for common reasons. Our epoxy floors can help designate work zones and help control the flow of traffic. Our seamless products are great for food and beverage, pharmaceutical areas, and packaging plants. The seamless surface resists dust, debris, grime, chemicals, and stains.


Whether you work in an environment that is consistently exposed to the same things or your environment is constantly changing, our epoxy floors can handle it! Our floors are resistant to wear and tear and do not succumb to fatigue. Due to their ability to resist damage, our industrial epoxy floors are extremely affordable and long-lasting. Our floors are resistant to heat, impact, staining, slippage, grease, debris, oils, chemical breakdown, and so much more.

Eco-Friendly Solution

We know how important it is to make your company an eco-friendly one here in California! With our epoxy flooring solutions, now you can, and it is easy. Epoxy flooring solutions are applied to your existing floors more than doubling the surface life expectancy. Because our products are low in VOC’s your entire facility will be safe and ready to use immediately!