Benefits Of

Pool Deck Resurfacing

Benefits of pool deck

Honestly, there are so many benefits to pool deck resurfacing and it can be hard to pick just a few! From economical practicality to eco-friendly solutions, and even long-lasting designs, seriously where do you start? Below are the top 5 reasons why you should consider pool deck resurfacing, but it is important to remember that the benefits are endless.

  • Improved Looks. Your landscape is highly affected by the look and feel of your backyard pool deck. If your landscape was once beautiful and easily admired but seems to be failing in both departments, you do not have to rip out your entire deck, pool deck resurfacing allows you to turn your old deck into a completely new one! Design and all. Give your pool deck an affordable facelift by resurfacing it. There are different designs that can make your surface mimic wood, tile, stone, and more!
  • Every Budget Works Here. Guess what? Your budget works! Resurfacing is a great option because there are designs and materials that really work for wherever your budget is at that time. Acrylic toppings are extremely affordable solutions that offer customizable colors and designs for your surfaces. Stained and stamped concrete can help mimic other flooring solutions and cost half of the price to install and even less to maintain.
  • Safety first. An old and dry pool deck does not offer the safety it once had! Surfaces in your backyard should be suitable for all ages including those ages where their feet are a little more sensitive. A chipping/peeling surface will absorb heat while being exposed to nonstop sun, creating a hazardous environment. By resurfacing your pool deck you can install a surface that is resistant to UV-rays and keeps a cooler surface even during full sun exposure. Another important safety feature with resurfaced pool decks is their ability to be slip-resistant! This is a great feature for all ages should always be a priority for pool owners.
  • Affordability. You don’t have to spend thousands on top of thousands of dollars to rip out your surface and replace it with a completely new one. Resurfacing your pool deck means no jackhammering, long hours with pounding, a lot of trash, and so much more. You are completely free of costly expenses when you choose to resurface your pool deck because a professional is simply redoing your current pool deck.
  • The best looks around. Whatever look you’re going for; pool deck resurfacing can make it happen! Slate, flagstone, pavers, wood, whatever you’re looking for, resurfacing can make it happen. The best part is, your pool deck will last longer, look better, and be half the price!